The Hunting Ground: Sexual Assault Prevention on Campus, Interviews with Virginia Solan & Amber Morczek

Vandal Green Dot Virginia Solan

Sunday September 27 on Yin Radio:

Bystander Awareness Programs such as Green Dot are changing the culture of our campuses and or our society at large.

Interviews with Virginia Solan, Coordinator of Violence Prevention Programs at University of Idaho and Amber Morczek, PhD Student and Assistant to Violence Prevention Programs at WSU.

Introduction to Take Back the Night 2015 by Vice Provost, Jean Kim.

Spoken word from the 2015 Take Back the Night Event by: Mimi Price, Samantha Hansen, and Jessy Forsmo-Shadid.

Listen to the recording here:

Resources and music from today’s live show:

Till It Happens To You — Lady Gaga
Broken Homes — PJ Harvey & Tricky
No More — Deshai Williams
Peace or Violence — Stromae

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