Bringing Science and Nature to Prison: An Interview with Nalini Nadkarni

Sunday, November 23, 2-3 PM

“One of the most pressing problems facing society today is the increasing distance between humans and nature.” NaliniNadkarni1

“Another issue—seemingly unrelated—is the failure of our system of incarceration to provide inmates with the education and experiences they need to become useful citizens after release.”

Nalini Nadkarni, PhD, is a world-renowned forest ecologist who works to bring science and job training to prisons. Her innovative efforts promote social inclusiveness of prisoners and reduce post-prison joblessness.

To address both of these problems, Nadkarni has worked with corrections systems in Washington state and across the country to bring science and nature/conservation projects to the incarcerated, from prisoners in minimum security to those in solitary confinement. In her presentation, she will describe her successes and challenges she has faced at the convergence of academic science and state corrections.

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