2-3 PM Every Other Sunday on 90.3FM KRFP Moscow/Pullman, http://www.radiofreemoscow.org

Yin Radio was established in 2009 by Sandra Billings in a partnership with the University of Idaho and has since become a community based broadcast with KRFP 90.3 FM Moscow and featuring national syndication on other affiliates.

Virginia Solan, the University of Idaho producer and host for two years writes:

“We saw this opportunity as a unique and special endeavor for the Women’s Center. Historically, the story of women is one that is told and retold by men. A 2010 Women in Media report found 74% of news journalists are men. Yin Radio pushed for change in that dynamic, providing a safe and exhilarating space for women to delve into issues of gender equity, oppression, self-expression and activism through art and music and much more. It offered mentoring opportunities for women to write, host, and produce—encouraging women through outreach and university internships to enter all forms of media. Yin programming told women’s stories while providing unique resources, connections and opportunities for activism and self-expression well beyond the broadcast.” Visit Yin Radio’s Earliest Archives.

Yin Radio continued its programming in the Moscow Community with Maree McHugh from 2013 until today.

My name is Tara Howe, and I became a host in September 2015.  I am in the process of expanding on the platform created by these amazing women by developing this website, archiving broadcasts and creating further outreach into the community and national forum.

If you have ideas for broadcasts you would like Yin Radio to feature, recommendations for better navigation of this site, or want to get the word out to others and in your own community, contact me at yinradiohost@gmail.com.

Find and share on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/yinradio

LISTEN: 90.3FM, Moscow/Pullman or www.radiofreemoscow.org every other Sunday from 2-3pm PST.


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